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Keyboard Kommander community

Keep your fingers on the home-row because it's about to get apokeylyptic.

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12-10-17 devlog
12-10-17 devlog Changes: New, more simplified energy system New UI Loading screens with tips! (more legitimate tips need to be added.) Game difficulties have be...
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Abridged Dev Log (with bits of shallow personality injection)
Abridged Dev Log (for anyone who cares - yes I’m going to inject bits of personality to make these less of a dry read. We appreciate anyone who takes the time...
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New Build Devlog
Improvements: the camera now stays in place after the player has moved it instead of returning to the center. This change was made so the player can type the wo...
9-10-17 changes
25% chance of the zombie having a buff - Previously, every zombie had a buff coin. This diminished the value of the buffs, so we made the buff’s occurrence mo...
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New Level Added
I was able to add an additional level to the game. I hope to add a few more if I can get a level designer. The new level should play similarly to the main level...
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Gameplay balancing
The new patch introduces some much needed gameplay balancing. Splash damage and stun chance have been changed to make the game easier. I'm hoping to start addin...
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UI Changes
Today I made two UI changes. The high score screen will now force you to submit your high score before allowing you to return to the main menu. The charger tex...
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Balance is very very hard
I've been focusing a lot on balancing this game and man is it getting frustrating. I just spent three hours trying to make the splash damage system more fair. I...
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