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Keyboard Kommander

Keep your fingers on the home-row because it's about to get apokeylyptic! · By keyboardkommander, RajasNag, cloudhero, Elementalist333, zvardin, Dennis Bestafka


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Upcoming SPOOK-tober update!
Hey folks sorry for making you all wait, but we have an update worth talking about! Thanks in no small part to our SIX debut we've been able to garner a lot mor...
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Seattle Indies Expo Announcement!
Hey there Kommandos, we've got some exciting news! Our game has been accepted as part of 24 other games being showcased at this year's Seattle Indie's Expo, tak...
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Sound update 7/20/18
Hello again typists of the dead! We have a new build for you all which includes the updated sound system and new music, as well as various balance changes makin...
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New update! (5/30/18)
Hey folks we've got an update. Many updates, as a matter of fact and we're sharing what we've got so far. We've got a new enemy type, the JETPACK zombie. This g...
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This is the Keyboard Kommander
Hey, so Rajas usually writes these but instead I'm writing this one. I don't have the same amount of shallow personality to inject. Just play this test build. I...
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Audio Implementation Log with Wwise, Wdennis & Wwill.
Every Sunday, for over a month, Dennis & Will aspired to implement the SFX together at Will’s place in Redmond, but there was always a scheduling barrier. The...
Early Access Launch!
Hello to you all! My name is Mike and I'm speaking on behalf of the Keyboard Kommandos. We are ready to release this early version of the game Keyboard Kommande...
Devlogs should be more fun (Will had a nightmare about the Mac build not working)
So the Mac the build is not looking good. The menu screen (kinda) loads, but that’s it. When I hover over the start button, it disappears, and program freezes...