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Alpha Release - Keyboard Kommander
Alright so this is William, the lead programmer, executive producer and found of this project. It's been a real journey to get this far and honestly I'm trying...
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iFEST: Behind The Scenes of Demoing
Written by Anthony Ritchey Edited by Lizz Rizzo , Josh Curry , and Steven Hitchcock Input by William Pheloung , Allyson Woods , and Tim Cullings Photography by...
Winner of "Player’s Choice Award" iFEST 2019
Attention, Kadets! We won the " Player's Choice Award " at iFEST today! Thanks to everyone that stopped by and played! You can still check out our game, and che...
6 Best PC Typing Games 2019
Attention, Kadets! We only have a short amount of time before IFEST at the Seattle Center Armory, Saturday May 4th, from 10AM to 3PM! Stop by, meet us, and cha...
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Keyboard Kommander iFest Build!
Attention, Kadets! We've bested the Orthographimancer and her wicked zombie horde with a new build, one week early! We have a strong broadcasting signal, so we...
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Keyboard Kommander Lexicography
Hello, Kadets! We're solidifying our build of Keyboard Kommander in preparation for our May 4th release at iFest ! You can check our Discord server for exclusiv...
Prepare for iFest!
Attention, Kadets! We have some announcements! In preparation for iFest , the Keyboard Kommander and his team have assembled and have quite a number of excitin...
Keyboard Kommander Fan Discord!
Attention, Keyboard Kadets ! This is Keyboard Anthony. Check out our new fan Discord server ! Over and out!...