Devlogs should be more fun (Will had a nightmare about the Mac build not working)

So the Mac the build is not looking good. The menu screen (kinda) loads, but that’s it. When I hover over the start button, it disappears, and program freezes. It was tried on both my laptop (running Yosemite) as well as a new studio iMac (running High Sierra). 

More importantly the keyboard kommander himself, Will ,had a nightmare about the Mac build last night. He hasn't described to me exactly how it went down, but here's my understanding of it, and response to his text informing me of how he had a nightmare about the Mac build. 

okay I'm having trouble stopping myself from laughing and I'm in class rn
please describe this nightmare
lemme guess
You click the builld button and spend the next 30 minutes watching it build. Those next 30 minutes are the longest and most painful of your life. You hear a piercing shriek invade  your hears. It's deafening, but you hear it the entire time. It finally builds. Your heart skips a beat. Unzipping the file feels like a slow castration with home materials. Next you open up the game and a version of you with a keyboard kommander  gun comes on screen. "I AM THE TRUE KEYBOARD KOMMANDER," he says in a demonic voice. "YOU INCOMPETENT CODER. CAN'T EVEN GET A MAC BUILD WORKING. YOU'LL NEVER BE A KEYBOARD KOMMANDER. " Next he starts shooting letters at you with his keyboard gun. His WPM is much higher than yours.
👍(he thumbsed  up my message. This is his efficient way of giving me the validation I need in our relationship. He is an ENTJ.  Pseudo psychology is legit.  What's your horoscope? Results are all the matters. Time is money. People is money. Optimize systematize dehumanize. Most people are NPCs.)
"But how? How is your WPM so fast?"
you exclaim in terror

He then ordered me to put all this critical material into a dev log. I then asked him seriously how his nightmare went. He  then efficiently replied ,"

It was just that we couldn't get it working.

So some mac user wrote a scathing review.

And tried to sue me"

So guys, please go easy on us, and especially Will.  He's going  through a lot with the mac build disaster.  In fact he's always been quite sensitive about Mac builds since he was 3 (this is what his family tells me). He really wants cool people and music producers to play his game on their macs at their local coffee shops - as long as those coffee shops serve exclusively  fair trade, organic, rotten tomatoes certified fresh coffee beans.


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