Keyboard Kommander iFest Build!

Attention, Kadets!

We've bested the Orthographimancer and her wicked zombie horde with a new build, one week early!

We have a strong broadcasting signal, so we have the bandwidth to tell you at length the details about this build:

1. Keyboard Kommander now has five totally reworked modes!
Each zombie now displays a written sentence, rather than randomly generated words, above their head. These modes range from Keyboard Kadet mode, where players can learn the basics of touch typing with single keystrokes, to Keyboard Kommander mode, where sentences from public domain novels like Frankenstein and Dracula prove a challenge to even the most expert typists. We received the dictionaries and have uploaded them to a Google Doc.

2. Rebalanced difficulty modes. 
The lower level modes are now easier and the higher levels are significantly more challenging. This highlight ties in with the text changes to the dictionaries of each mode, but focuses specifically on data received by the reconnaissance work of the engineering Keyboard Kommandos, particularly the humble Keyboard Steven, to figure out the spawn rates and health of the Orthographimancer's zombie horde.

3. Health and stun status bars.
Strategies by our new art-warrior director Keyboard Jenn and her team of artist-warriors are paying off! Their first order of business was illuminating the relevant information so that way budding Keyboard Kadets can quickly glance at zombie information while playing. She and her team are planning more upcoming art and UI changes in the near future!

4. Reduced on-screen clutter.
This highlight ties in with the art and UI changes mentioned above. Every good addition requires some subtraction!

5. Item pickup simplification.
We've found ways to improve the ease of gathering items, coins, and other resources for Keyboard Kommand.

6. DRONE strikes
Do well enough and one of the Keyboard Kommandos will send out a DRONE Strike to defeat all zombies on screen! Do this strategically for maximum efficiency!

7. Changed to FMOD from Wwise.
We've changed to a new audio system, which eliminates bugs and allowed us to put in some radical new tracks.

8. Added audio muting button.
Just in case you'd rather listen to other music by Keyboard Steven Doing Audio.

9. Zombie specializations.
Ragers are visibly angry, tanks are visibly tanky, and grubs just look more like Grubby.

10. Playable Credits Mode.
See how fast you can type everyone's names!

11. Decreased build size.
Our previous build was 700-some MB. This build is 100-some MB!

12. Cleared out bugs.
The only big bug in Keyboard Kommander now is Grubby!

And here's the team that made that possible!

From left to right, top row: Keyboard Steven Doing Programming, Keyboard Dion, Keyboard Allyson, Keyboard Jenn X, Keyboard Chris, Keyboard Dannnnn, and Keyboard Anthony
Kneeling: The Keyboard Kommander
Away From Keyboard Photograph: Keyboard Steven Doing Audio, Keyboard Lief, and Grubby
Photo by: Seattle Indie Mike Judge


Keyboard Kommander IFEST Edition! 106 MB
Apr 28, 2019

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Awesome job, feels great to be the lead on this team!

Thanks, and you're a good lead for the team!