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only giving this a 4/5 because the monsters on here are a bit too superficial. Everyone here justs wants to hook up, nobody wants a real emotional connection.


I really enjoyed playing your game! A few suggestions would be to make the buttons on the front page invisible until they have purpose. It is confusing(I originally thought it was to change the difficulty up or down). Also, it took a few tries for me to understand the game. Once I understood the concept it became easier. Cannot wait to see the finished product. Would definitely play again and recommend to friends


I used to have a marijuana addiction. My problem got so bad, that my wife left me and took two my children with her too. I tried to change, I went to multiple rehab places but none of them worked. I was about to jump when I got a notification on my phone saying that Keyboard Kommander had come out with a new game. It didn't say what the game was called, so in the hope that it was Build a Nuke 2, I ran to my computer to see what it was. It was this game, Monster-Tinder. I tried it out and now, I'm not addicted to the marijaunas, I'm addicted to this game. My wife has now come back with my children and my life can go back to the way it was. Thanks Keyboard Kommander