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I'm very sorry about this game.

This is by far the worst game I've ever made. I designed it to be as enraging and as frustrating as possible and I succeeded. Please don't play this game.


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Build A Nuke absolutely changed my life.

When I was but a wee lad, I spent all of my days happily laughing and playing away, ignorant of the dark torments of real life. As I lost my innocent love of the world at large, I began to fall into a spiraling pit of depression. Each day was but another day, each breath one closer to my last, each moment but a cruel reminder of the fact that my life was meaningless.

I was so close to the edge, and I was ready to jump...

...but then I found Build A Nuke. It was absolutely incredible. balancing the production of new nukes, preventing reactors from melting down, balancing the global powers to ensure that Mutually Assured Destruction would prevent the end of the world as we know it, blowing up all of those red-neck terrorists trying to steal my nukes, hacking the systems of those that had too many nukes, ignoring the nonproliferation committees---it all opened my eyes to life's true meaning.

Sometimes, you cannot find the will to go on. The whole world seems against you, whether they are stealing from you, trying to stop you from doing what you love doing most, etc., you'll end up dead if you let it all distract you. You must remain vigilant, focused, and you must believe in yourself and your actions in order to survive.

This game saved me.

PS My high score is over $250,000,000,000,000,000


When I was but a wee lad, I wanted to become a nuke salesman. I worked my hardest, went to a great college, yet I was unable to make it as a nuke salesman. I tried to get other jobs but none of them filled the void in my heart. I was about to jump when I got a notification that Keyboard Kommander had come out with a game called Build A Nuke. Could this be the answer to all my problems. It was. I now run the industry in building and selling nukes. Not only was it a great way to increase my skills in the nuke selling business, but it is the greatest game I have ever played. All I can say now is that a sequel should be made.

I want Build A Nuke 2

Yes I do

I want Build A Nuke 2

How about you?