A downloadable typing tutor for Windows

Winner of "Player’s Choice Award" iFEST 2019

Winner of "Audience Choice: Best In Show" RPI Gamefest 2015

Exhibitor at Seattle Indies Expo 2018 (They don't do awards)

 Keyboard Kommander is a fast-paced typing game that brings a strategic edge to the Type-em up genre. Play through to discover an interesting narrative about humanities downfall at the hands addiction to social media. Are you ready to type like a bad@$$ and save humanity in the process? The future of grammatical correctness itself hangs in the balance. 

You play as The Keyboard Kommander, defending your base each night from hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies . The better you type, the more coins you get to spend on better weapons and fort upgrades to build up your base.  How many nights can you survive?

-Early Access Status Report-

Our game is fully playable and contains most of what will be in the finished game. Right now all menus are in the game and gameplay is complete though it still has some bugs we are working to resolve.

-Gameplay Mechanics-

The gameplay loop features the following mechanics:
1. Type the letter by a zombie to target that zombie instead of the one you are shooting. This cannot be done if you are in the middle of typing a word.
2. Type the word that appears by your targeted zombie to fire a projectile at a zombie. Each letter typed will result in a bullet being fired at the zombie. When you press space or enter at the end of typing a word a projectile will be fired.
3. Zombies will drop collectibles when they die. These can be picked up by typing punctuation or special characters on the keyboard.
4. Ammo for the three weapons can be picked up from dead zombies. If you have ammo for a weapon you can select it by hitting tab. Each of the three weapons has unique properties that can be upgraded.
5. The laser will do high damage and shoot through zombies.
6. The mortar will drop fire clouds that will do damage when zombies step into them.
7. The blaster will stun zombies for a long time and shoot through zombies.
8. Energy can be picked up. When you get enough energy you can perform a power move by typing the word "MIRACLE". This will decrease the health of all zombies to 0 and increase your health to 100%.
9. Health can be picked up which will repair your fort.
10. Upgrades for your fort and your weapons can be purchased from the upgrades screen.
11. You will unlock a journal for each level you complete. The journals can be viewed from the journals scene which shows up after each level.

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the executable.


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