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Winner of "Audience Choice: Best In Show" RPI Gamefest 2015

 Keyboard Kommander is a fast-paced typing game like Mario Teaches Typing meets Grand Theft Auto 2 that expands on Typing of the Dead with RPG and RTS elements.

 In our constantly-evolving early access "Arcade Mode," you play as The Keyboard Kommander, defending your base each night from hordes of post-apocalyptic zombies and mutants. The better you type, the more coins you get to spend on better weapons and attributes to build up your base.  How many nights can you survive?

 There are five difficulty modes available that we're constantly refining based on player feedback. These range from the easiest Keyboard Kadet mode, which helps players practice familiarity with their keyboards, all the way up to Keyboard Kommander mode, built specifically to give programmers and skilled typists a challenge!

The Keyboard Kommander's motto:
"I just want to make people not be miserable in their 8th grade typing classes!"

Oktober 2018 Updates!

  1. Pumpkin variants for zombies!
  2. New rager zombies will speed up attacks when the player makes a typo!
  3. Various bug fixes to increase stability!
  4. For more information, check KeyboardKommander.com!

Upcoming Plans!

Education Mode!
 This mode will have many of features that were requested by teachers and gamers alike at our recent PAX SIX 2018 presentation. Everything from adding in your own custom dictionaries, switching between other languages, and many more!

Story Mode!
 This mode will begin as a tutorial that will envelop into a fun, fantastic, and fully-engaging narrative that tells of how the Orthographimancer plunged the Keyboard Kommander's world into ApoKeylypse and how he and his kadre of kommandos will stop this evil force! We can't say much more unless the Orthographimancer catches on!

Keep your fingers on the home-row because it's about to get ApoKeylyptic!

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the executable - and do it using only your keyboard, otherwise you can never be a keyboard kommander. 


Keyboard Kommander Oktober Edition! 787 MB
Mixer Preview (UNSTABLE).zip 790 MB

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