Seattle Indies Expo Announcement!

Hey there Kommandos, we've got some exciting news! Our game has been accepted as part of 24 other games being showcased at this year's Seattle Indie's Expo, taking place Sunday during Penny-Arcade Expo weekend! The event details can be found here, and you'll find all of us there to play the game, see what were working on and talk with us about the game and indie game development. It's completely free to attend (no PAX badge required!), and we'll have some awesome swag for anyone who wants some, so come up and say hi and play with us! It's gonna be a blast!

Additionally we have another build here for you all to play with. Nothing major, just additional fixes to the new repair bot mechanic we introduced last build and some cleanup on audio and word displays that were being a bit buggy. Once again test away friends and give us whatever feedback you can to help make this game awesome.


Keyboard Kommander 781 MB
Aug 04, 2018

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