Alpha Release - Keyboard Kommander

Alright so this is William, the lead programmer, executive producer and found of this project. It's been a real journey to get this far and honestly I'm trying to avoid getting too sentimental here.

I've just uploaded the "Alpha" build of keyboard kommander in theory, we will only be making minor changes to this game for the next few months as we cruise into a release. It's been really rocky to get to this point and I had to make some hard gameplay decisions. I couldn't done it without the support of my awesome team.

It's been hard to continue making progress, I've been busy with my day job and my junior programmer was just hired full time at a Major Tech company.

We had some team communication issues which were really unfortunate for everyone involved. It's tough dealing with this sort of problem but I feel I've learned a lot from the experience.

At the end of the line though I feel really good about getting this far. There's a clear end in sight and I'm ready to move on with my life. It would be impossible to enumerate everything that I learned going from the iFest build to this build. It's even harder to articulate everything I've learned from this project as a whole.

I hope I continue to learn from this project as we make the final pushes towards our official release.


Alpha Build - Keyboard Kommander 400 MB
Jan 25, 2020

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