New update! (5/30/18)

Hey folks we've got an update. Many updates, as a matter of fact and we're sharing what we've got so far.

We've got a new enemy type, the JETPACK zombie. This guy flies through the air pretty quickly and erratically and he's looking to explode on your base. Fortunately it doesn't take much to take these guys down, so when you see em take em down fast before they take themselves down all over your base.
We've also got new sounds and new music courtesy of our audio man Dennis and it sounds pretty good, so have a listen and let us know what you all think out there!

Last we wanted to let you know what's upcoming. We have a new power coin system that will power you up in interesting ways as you play so you can better deal with the onslaught of zombos comin' in, as well as a revamped upgrade system involving cards that you buy and apply to defensive and offensive upgrade types!

Additionally we're working on making the UI much MUCH better and nicer to look at. Specifically we're targetting the look and location of the health and Kombo meters as well as making the display text of both the pertinant level information in the GUI as well as more interesting gameplay texts. Expect to see some graphical improvements along those lines in the next few builds.

Once we get all of that looking nice and beautiful we'll be typing our guns towards a meaty campaign mode, starring our Keyboard Kommander hero and his sidekicks as they deal with the zombie apocalypse in their own ridiculous way, find the source of the zombies and put and end to them thus saving the... world? Well they'll be saving something, at the very least a delicious turkey and gravy sandwich when it's all said and done.


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May 31, 2018

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