Early Access Launch!

Hello to you all! My name is Mike and I'm speaking on behalf of the Keyboard Kommandos. We are ready to release this early version of the game Keyboard Kommander and we’re looking for as much feedback as we can get to improve this game!

This is a typing game mixed with a base defense game, where you type words above zombies to shoot your weapons at them to keep them from destroying your base. Live past the timer and you move on to the next night!

Obviously there are a lot of things missing and things that need improvement. Right now our guys are working to implement a dynamic SFX system through wwise in Unity, as well as a UI overhaul and numbers balancing for the current upgrade system and general difficulty of the game. We have a link to our sound designer for some in depth talk about his work on this game here so check it out!


Beyond that though we have a bunch of ideas for what we want to do with the game, but for now nothing is set in stone. We’re eventually looking to add more zombies and improve the art to make them more easily distinguishable, as well as set up a storymode campaign with gameplay variations and bossfights, a proper endless mode, and having typing stats so that you can track how you’re improving at typing!

If you have ideas and thoughts on how the game is and how you’d like to see us implement some of these ideas, or even have new ideas of your own, well then spit it all out lads! That’s what we’re here to see!

Our itch.io page is below and you can count up regular devlogs there as well as leave notes and discuss your opinions and thoughts on our game, and you can also check out our facebook and twitter pages as well. Most updates will be cataloged either on our Tilda page or on our itch.io page, so keep an eye out for anything we feel you’d want to know (which hopefully will be a good amount!)

Other than that get ready to blow up some &*@%ing zombies! We’ll bring the tnt, you guys bring the keyboards ;). 

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