Audio Implementation Log with Wwise, Wdennis & Wwill.

Every Sunday, for over a month, Dennis & Will aspired to implement the SFX together at Will’s place in Redmond, but there was always a scheduling barrier. Then, it finally happened, and here’s the backstory.

There was an existing Wwise project, already integrated into Unity, containing only the soundtrack from Graham that, if nothing else, desperately needed to be turned down in the game. Dennis knew that he wouldn’t be able to withstand Will’s Red Energy long enough to tolerate hours of scratch audio implementation at Will’s place; and at the same time, Dennis’ limited GIT skills, needed at least some of Will’s Orange Energy to upgrade his Source Control manna.

Dilemmas aside, it is known that, where there’s a “Will,” there’s a way; and at the end of the day, Dennis knows that he could look forward to one of Will’s, hella-crisp, high fives.

So, Dennis created a separate Wwise project from his home machine, with all of the SFX implemented, all spruced up with some initial mixing & randomization, etc. Dennis compressed & uploaded the new Wwise project to Dropbox, and pasted the link up on the Discord. Dennis also knows that data may as well not exist, unless it exists in at least three places; so he packed up his laptop, and hard drive, and made the 2:10 ferry off Bainbridge Island, bound for Colman Dock.

Upon arrival in Redmond, Will gave Dennis a tour of the house, instructed Dennis to forget a few things that he was shown, coffees were poured, Baileys was added, and after the perfect height of the standing desk was established, as well as personal space, they got to work. Will’s Red Energy kicked right in, and Dennis was dazzled in his confidence.

First, we tried integrating Dennis’ Wwise project right into Unity, but there was a mismatch in Wwise versions. Then, we tried moving the Work Units, etc, from Dennis’ Wwise project into Will’s Wwise project, but again, tons of errors with version mismatch.

Finally, just as Dennis was starting to imagine the scratch implementation scenario, the solution became clear to Will. He attempted to explain to Dennis, who with glazed eyes fixed on his next sip of Baileys & Coffee, nodded and sounded off with a supportive, “awesome, sounds good, let’s try it!” Before Dennis could say, “Sláinte,” Will had the Blaster Sound going, and was receiving one of Will’s trademark, hella-crisp, high fives!

In the end, the solution was to upgrade Will’s Wwise software to match Dennis’ Wwise project, then integrate Dennis’ Wwise project into Unity, copy & move Grahams music Work Units into Dennis’ Wwise project, and adjust the code accordingly.

By the time Dennis was back from the bathroom, Will had game calls coded for four more SFX, and they were rocking a nice, little ensemble of noises. The evening was topped off with that much needed source control setup for Dennis, it began to hail outside, and Dennis dropped Will off at the Microsoft Campus gym.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we see if Dennis retained anything he learned about GIT, source control, and remote implementation.

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