Alpha 3 Update

Alright, So I wanted to wait until after I talked to the PM on the project before putting up this Dev Log. 

The biggest changes you will see in this build are the following:

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Shaders
  3. Gameplay balance
  4. Upgrades reworked and simplified
  5. Shorter levels
  6. New Menus

Basically last week I put up a build without talking to the PM for my project because I was getting really sick of waiting on blockers.  I talked to her about the state of the project today so I feel okay with posting this update now.

We've had a lot of trouble making progress with the Covid 19 Situation. Months have passed and we have made progress that normally would have taken just a few weeks. Most o the slowdown can be traced to two factors. Our inability to meet in person and our inability to protect our dev time.

Without an in person meeting space communication on the project is a lot more difficult. We've had to rely on phone calls. This is a big problem but it gets worse when certain members of the team lose their phones and can't be reached for weeks at a time. Discussing new ideas is a lot more difficult digitally and makes a process that is normally fun increasingly painful. It's harder to see progress other people are making. And even harder to see the value in half completed works when you can't meet face to face.

It's been harder to protect my time working on the project lately. Without my normal Saturday coworking I'm forced to carve out new time from my schedule to work on this project. My day job has gotten more demanding and I've had less time to work on this with my recent move.  We've also had two more people drop off the project because of Covid.

I hope you like the new build. I don't know when I'll be putting out the next one. It's my intention to put up the next build which will be Beta 1 when we have the following:

  1. 3 levels  worth of story content
  2. Tutorials

Thanks for reading. And thanks for playing. I can't explain how much I've sacrificed to get this far but I know it's far from over.

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Sep 19, 2020

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I didn't include this in the dev log but I've been working on this project for more than 6 years now. I personally am getting exhausted and want to move on with my life. I'm not going to stop until this game is done though.