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Winner of "Audience Choice: Best In Show" Gamefest 2015.

Typing games are a great way to improve one's typing speed and have fun at the same time. Unfortunately, there are an extremely limited number of typing games where the focus is gameplay. Most typing games are rushed to release and as a result they often feel disjointed, and unfun. As a solution to this game design drought, we present Keyboard Kommander Apokeylypse. Keyboard Kommander Apokeylypse is a fast-paced action-packed typing game in which the player must fight off a horde of post apocalyptic Zombies and Mutants in order to defend his or her fort. For the first time ever Keyboard Kommander combines intense technical RPG elements with the visceral and fast-paced action of a typing tutor. Keyboard Kommander Apokeylypse is an action RPG typing tutor. It combines the exciting action of a shooter with the tactical long term strategy of an RPG. The game is divided into two phases: night, where the player must fight off hordes of post-apocalyptic enemies; and day, when the player must rebuild his fort and choose what upgrades he will use in the following day.

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Published1 year ago
TagsComedy, Education, satire, Shooter, Strategy RPG, tactical-typing-tutor, Tower Defense, typing, weird, Zombies
LicenseAll rights reserved
Average durationAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
Player countSingleplayer


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It all began on April 20th, the day of my father's death. I still remember the last thing he said to me. He said, "WillFan420, my son, I'll teach you how to type on April 20th." I had been looking forward to that but when I heard what happened, I ran out of the house and as far away as I could. When I finally stopped, I took out my phone to use Google Maps and find my way home, but I couldn't figure out how to type in my address. I then tried to call my mother but I couldn't type in any numbers either. I was stuck in this foreign area with no way to type. I tried to get a job, but they all required typing skillz. The only job I could get was a cook at a kitchen. The problem with that though, was that I had to sign into work everyday by typing in my password. My password was "Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli." I couldn't type that in, so I had to get other employees to do that for me, giving them my password. One night, my "friend", Rogers used my password to get into the building and steal all the money. The cops traced the crime back to me and I got put in jail. In jail, I got beat up everyday. People were calling my names like "writer," because I didn't know how to type. After 20 years in jail, I finally got out. I decided that since I couldn't get a job, I would just have to marry a rich woman. But then, I realized I was ugly so it was back to the drawing board. I decided that I was going to jump. I went into the tallest building I could find, snuck past the sleeping security guard, and made it to the elevator. It was then I realized that I couldn't press the button for the top floor on the elevator because it was too similar to a keyboard key. I didn't fell like taking the stairs so I went to turn myself into the security guard. He was sleeping and I saw that he had been playing a game called Keyboard Kommander ApoKeylypse on his computer. I tried to play it and it actually taught me how to type. I felt like my father was beside me the whole time even though it was just the security guard. After I finished learning how to type, I woke up the guard who then arrested me and took me to jail. While in jail, I got ripped and beat up all the people who made fun of me before. After another twenty years, I got out of jail. I then went up to the first lady I saw, showed her my typing skillz and now we are married. She also turned out to be rich so I didn't need to get a job. I then went back to my family and reunited with them because I could finally type my address into Google Maps. Keyboard commander not only changed my life, but saved it.


Love it! Was confused by weapon selection and strength after some levels though. Also seeing the enemy is hard on some maps.


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