A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Winner of "Audience Choice: Best In Show" RPI Gamefest 2015.

Think you've got what it takes to survive the ApokeyLypse?

Keyboard Kommander is a fast-paced action-packed typing game in which the player must fight off a horde of post apocalyptic Zombies and Mutants in order to defend his or her fort.

For the first time ever Keyboard Kommander combines intense technical RPG elements with the visceral and fast-paced action of a typing tutor. Keyboard Kommander Apokeylypse is an action RPG typing tutor.


  • Type the words over the zombies to shoot at them (hit space at the end of each word)
  • Type the word by your fort to recharge your weapons
  • Hit + to power up your weapons (More damage more energy consumption)
  • Hit - to power down your weapons (less damage less energy consumption)
  • Switch weapons with the number keys (after you've bought more weapons)

Developer Note: I'm always looking for feedback. If you've got a feature request feel free to post it in the community message boards.

Features in Development:

  • New Enemy AI's
  • UI improvements
  • Time Machines (get excited)
  • High Score tables
  • Story Mode
  • More Upgrades

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the executable - and do it using only your keyboard, otherwise you can never be a keyboard kommander. 


keyboard kommander 10-22-17 MAC #126.zip 856 MB
keyboard kommander 130.zip 854 MB
keyboard kommander PC 132 (updated UI).zip 858 MB
keyboard kommander MAC 132 (updated UI).zip 862 MB

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