Abridged Dev Log (with bits of shallow personality injection)

Abridged Dev Log (for anyone who cares - yes I’m going to inject bits of personality to make these less of a dry read. We appreciate anyone who takes the time to read these, whether it be those interested in game development, or those simply interested in how Keyboard Kommander is going.):

  • There is much work to be done with the UI and game balancing. As the designer boy, I’m unsatisfied with what we have so far. Still, we’ve made much progress since the first iteration of the game. Our project may not look like much now, improvements may be coming slowly, and there still is a long way to go - but hey, that’s just game development. It’s not for the faint of heart, if you didn’t know that already. For now, we have implemented our first iteration of an adaptive difficulty system, calculated from characters typed per minute, zombies killed per minute, and other in-game events. We will explain how it works once we refine it further.

  • The game has been balanced a bit more to be more playable

  • The amount of health a zombie has is now shown relative to the max zombie health on screen (represented by by the red-dot circles). This makes it more clear what players should prioritize

  • A debug view was created to ease the process of balancing the game for us devs. We can now also display appropriate information to the player. What information needs to be conveyed to the player, and how to do this intuitively, still needs to be figured out.

  • Pulsating words now stay still once the player begins typing them. This make the process of typing the word easier and less annoying for the player.

  • Now when zombies are attacking the fort, the damage done to the fort drops from it as a red number. The screen also flashes red with each hit.

  • The size which the power gage word expands has been scaled back significantly. This UI design is now much less intrusive.

  • The line underneath each word that was typed was removed because it would mesh into the letter and cause confusion.

  •  The overall health of zombies was decreased while their speed was increased. 
  • The screen now shakes just a bit with each hit from a zombie

 Now there is a 100% stun chance each time the zombie is hit with a projectile

Bug Fixes:

  • “Press Space” no longer appears randomly over Power Gauge.

  • Zombies no longer get stuck to one another. Zombies have now been made slippery n’ slimy to fix the issue. Before when this would occur, only one zombie from a lane was able to get to the fort… because players(who want to become a keyboard kommander) should never get it easy!

  • Previously, sometimes zombies could not find a path to the fort if they were previously blocked. This should now be fixed. If it isn’t then I swear I will give up on game development and the medium as a whole....just kidding ;)


keyboard kommander 10-22-17.zip 854 MB
Oct 22, 2017
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Oct 22, 2017

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