12-10-17 devlog

12-10-17 devlog


  1. New, more simplified energy system

  2. New UI

  3. Loading screens with tips! (more legitimate tips need to be added.)

  4. Game difficulties have been slightly more balanced.

  • We removed the Power Gauge levels (the thunderbolts above the blue meter of the old UI) because we felt like it disrupted the flow of gameplay, going from typing one word to the next, with tedious micromanagement that did not add much depth to the game. While it is not certain that the mechanic itself is not appropriate for this game, we can be sure that it’s current implementation of it is not. The game still has problems in maintaining flow, and this is largely due to the current UI design.

  • We left the previous build up along with the newer build (build #132). Play build 130 to see the old UI. Let us know what improvements you believe we should make! How do you feel about the changes to the power gauge system? Leave us feedback in the community section of Itch!

  • We are still in the process of bettering the UI. Currently, it is too thick and showing unnecessary information, such as cpm (characters typed per minute) and kpm (kills per minute)

Improvements which still need to be made:

  1. Game difficulties still need further balancing

  2. We need a design and implementation of a rudimentary skill tree system

  3. We need to prevent the upgrades screen from being easily exploitable


keyboard kommander PC 132 (updated UI).zip 858 MB
Dec 10, 2017
keyboard kommander MAC 132 (updated UI).zip 862 MB
Dec 10, 2017

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