2-24-18 devlog

2-24-18 devlog


We have:

  • Altered the bottom bar UI, which now displays key information including the weapon currently equipped, a KOMBO meter, the player’s score, the time left in the round, how many coins the player has, and the word currently being typed in the center bar. The center bar also displays the Power Gauge (in blue).
  • Added a new Power Gauge mechanic: The power gauge in the middle starts empty. Whenever you kill a zombie, it goes up by 10%. When it is full, you can type a word in the middle of screen to supercharge your weapon for twelve seconds. When your weapon is supercharged, short words will randomly appear around the screen, not connected to zombies (zombie words will disappear for this period). You can type any of these words to create an explosion at that point, dealing massive damage to any enemies in its radius. These words appear more often nearer to your base, so it’s unlikely that any zombies will get to you if you are a half-decent typist.
  • Added a feature which displays next zombie word below the current zombie word as it’s being typed
  • Removed KPM(kills per minute) and CPM (characters per minute) because that was just unnecessary information cluttering up the UI.
  • Decreased the opacity of the bottom bar UI so the zombie words underneath it can still be seen
  • Added tooltips to the menu screen
  • Begun to add loading tips on the screen (many of which will poke fun at the player)
  • Added a victory message which cues at the end of each round. Much success it will bring you.
  • The coins the player receives has been balanced, so now you can’t just spam coin generation to get overpowered.
  • The game’s difficulty has been nerfed a bit. The rate at which the difficulty increases is a bit more reasonable.
  • Lessened the game’s file size by removing unnecessary audio files
  • The weapons now shoot letters instead of generic bullets. Now you can be a legitimate keyboard kommander.
  • Added extra levels/environments
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs which can be found here

Future Improvements:

We plan to bring back the Power Gauge mechanic in a new form that will give players special cool down abilities once we solidify the game’s foundation.

The Mac build is not working. We are in the process fixing this issue. 


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Feb 19, 2018

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