Story mode coming soon

Since I first started working on Keyboard Kommander I've wanted to add a story mode. Due to the scope of the project I haven't been able to work on that until now. I've found a writer and here's what it's going to look like.

A new gameplay mode will be added called story mode. The story will be set up to explain the mechanics of the game and introduce gameplay elements piece by piece Most importantly the story will focus in on characters in the game and their experience surviving day to day. The narrative will be branching forcing the player to make difficult decisions. These decisions will effect the story, the weapons and upgrades unlocked, and the words typed during the day. In story mode upgrades can only be bought when they are unlocked in the story and all upgrades will be locked from the start.

A new gameplay mode will be added called journaling mode. In this mode the player will type up the main characters' journal entries where they describe their day in the post apocalypse. Players will be presented with different choices of what words to type in these sections. Journal entries will be divided up into three events that are added each day. For each event the player will have three decisions to choose from. They will choose by typing one of three choices which will bring up a entry panel. In this entry panel the player will choose how to describe the event they chose. These sections will play out somewhat like mad libs where the player will select a number of words to type from a pop up menu for each word in the sentence. These words will go on to make up the words that appear in the next night level. The decisions made in journaling mode will effect the strength of the zombies in game as well as the weapons and power ups that are unlocked.

The goal of Story mode will be to provide short episodic stories that introduce the mechanics of the game and get the player invested in the world of Keyboard Kommander. I hope that journaling mode will prove to be an interesting choice based narrative that will shape the gameplay. I hope to add a number of campaigns if this is successful.

Wish me luck...

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Wishing luck to the production.