9-10-17 changes

25% chance of the zombie having a buff - Previously, every zombie had a buff coin. This diminished the value of the buffs, so we made the buff’s occurrence more rare, giving it a 25% chance.

Clock ticking noise only occurs during the final seconds of the round - before we had the clock ticking noise play throughout the round. This was unnecessary and annoying.

Each letter typed correctly expands, flairs up, and changes color to make it more clear what word you are typing and what letter you are currently on. Previous letters in the word are strikethroughed, and all other words besides the word you are in progress of typing disappear. This makes what word the player is typing more clear.

Camera is now controllable with arrow keys - This was implemented to give the player more control, and allow more experienced players who have already cleared zombies on screen to attack far off zombies to keep players in a constant state of flow and reward more experienced players.


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Sep 11, 2017

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